Best Way To Fix Err Connection Refused In Google Chrome

Best Way To Fix Err Connection Refused In Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of my favorite internet browsers, along with the Mozilla Firefox. I love this browser because it seems very light and extremely fast to load any website. Moreover, the Google Chrome comes with a simple user interface, which is very easy to use with a new user.

However, if the internet connection between your computer and the Internet isn’t stable, or the DNS server that you are using on your computer isn’t good enough, Google Chrome will not let you load websites completely. There is always an error, and it will show up in the browser, prevent you from loading the website. The most annoying error in Google Chrome is the error that’s related to the Internet connection, with error code: Err_Connection_Refused.

When this error shows up on your computer, it will stop all loading websites and prevent you from accessing to any other websites. You will not be able to visit any other websites unless you fix the problem.

In this case, I would suggest you to check your Internet connection again and make sure it’s good and stable. Also, you should replace the default IP address of DNS servers on your computer with the Google DNS, with following IP addresses: and By using these new IP for DNS servers, all connections will reroute to Google DNS servers. It will be more stable and secure than the default one.


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