How To Fix SSL Connection Error In Google Chrome In Mac

SSL is a secure method to protect your information while transmitting between your computer and the server. Basically, it will encrypt your information like email, password, bank and credit card information before sending to the server.

If the SSL connection is not private, your date will not be protected and could leak out, or being exploit by someone else. A very clear example of SSL connection errors is the “your connection is not private” error in Google Chrome.

Before we are going to discuss more on this error, I want to tell you that I’m using a Mac OS X computer with Google Chrome browser installed. By using Google Chrome, when an SSL connection error, you will get an error message like: “Your connection is not private”. It’s very big and clear.

There are two main reasons why you get this error on your Google Chrome browser: incorrect date time on your computer or some applications are blocking your SSL connections.

No matter what reason is it, you have to determine the issue and fix it as soon as possible. If not, your connection could not be safe and can be exploited by some attackers.

To fix your connection is not private error in Google Chrome, you need to check the date time of your computer and verify it’s correct. Next step, check your antivirus or security programs and make sure it does not block any of your SSL connections.

The simplest method to verify that just disable them and reload the web-page again to verify if the issue is gone or not.

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Best Way To Fix Err Connection Refused In Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of my favorite internet browsers, along with the Mozilla Firefox. I love this browser because it seems very light and extremely fast to load any website. Moreover, the Google Chrome comes with a simple user interface, which is very easy to use with a new user.

However, if the internet connection between your computer and the Internet isn’t stable, or the DNS server that you are using on your computer isn’t good enough, Google Chrome will not let you load websites completely. There is always an error, and it will show up in the browser, prevent you from loading the website. The most annoying error in Google Chrome is the error that’s related to the Internet connection, with error code: Err_Connection_Refused.

When this error shows up on your computer, it will stop all loading websites and prevent you from accessing to any other websites. You will not be able to visit any other websites unless you fix the problem.

In this case, I would suggest you to check your Internet connection again and make sure it’s good and stable. Also, you should replace the default IP address of DNS servers on your computer with the Google DNS, with following IP addresses: and By using these new IP for DNS servers, all connections will reroute to Google DNS servers. It will be more stable and secure than the default one.

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How Much Does Amazon Prime Cost You A Month?

Basically, does not allow you to pay monthly, it’s required user to pay a whole year if you want to use their service. Benefits of Prime subscription are able to get free 2nd day shipping service on most products on, as well as uses Amazon Prime Instant Video to watch your favorite movies and TV shows over the internet.

How much is Amazon Prime cost? That’s a question that a lot of users asked me. In the past, charges $79 per user per year to use Prime subscription. But now, the company has increased the price and users need to pay up to $99 per user per year.

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The only good thing of Amazon Prime subscription is users able to share account with others to streaming movies, all you need is just register to other members. There is also another good news that I have heard, will (just will) allow users to pay monthly, instead yearly. But no other details about when they will apply this new policy.

Do you love the Amazon Prime subscription? And would you like to use it and make monthly payments, instead of yearly as now?

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