How Much Does Amazon Prime Cost You A Month?

How Much Does Amazon Prime Cost You A Month?

Basically, does not allow you to pay monthly, it’s required user to pay a whole year if you want to use their service. Benefits of Prime subscription are able to get free 2nd day shipping service on most products on, as well as uses Amazon Prime Instant Video to watch your favorite movies and TV shows over the internet.

How much is Amazon Prime cost? That’s a question that a lot of users asked me. In the past, charges $79 per user per year to use Prime subscription. But now, the company has increased the price and users need to pay up to $99 per user per year.

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The only good thing of Amazon Prime subscription is users able to share account with others to streaming movies, all you need is just register to other members. There is also another good news that I have heard, will (just will) allow users to pay monthly, instead yearly. But no other details about when they will apply this new policy.

Do you love the Amazon Prime subscription? And would you like to use it and make monthly payments, instead of yearly as now?


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