Learn How To Troubleshoot DNS Problems

Learn How To Troubleshoot DNS Problems

What are you doing if your internet connection is corrupted, terminated or unable to use? You might feel annoying because troubles come from your computer and you do not know how to diagnose and solve it.

If you are facing this issue, and do not know where you should start to fix, we would suggest you focus on the DNS system on your computer. It’s the root of the causes that lead to interrupt internet connection.

When DNS servers are timeout, it will stop you from being access to the Internet and visit websites. You will not able to access to any website, any service that need an internet connection as well as checking your emails.

In the past, I have faced to the dns probe finished no internet error. It’s a very annoying error that I have ever faced. At the first time I have faced that DNS error, I do not really know how to fix the error. But I went to Google and found a good solution to solve the problem. In most case of DNS issues, you need to change the DNS servers on your computer to other services, instead of default DNS servers from your ISP (internet service provider).

Sometimes, DNS servers are timeout and so you are unable to use Internet. That’s mean you must replace DNS servers to another one and you will able to use it again.


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